Dear Ohio Chapter Members and Friends,

We have, for many years, enjoyed the Ohio Chapter educational seminar which moved throughout the Division locations providing an educational event which has been unrivaled in our State. We are all now faced with a financial reality that poses a serious threat to the continuance of this event.

For many years we had the financial support of the Ohio Board of Building Standards for our annual seminar to help offset the costs associated with the presentation. This support has not existed for quite some time and attendance has been on a steady decline due to local budget issues and time constraints. During this the Ohio Chapter has made every effort to keep registration fees low. All of these factors have been compounding resulting in our current financial state.

Due to all of this, the Board has been discussing significantly scaling next year’s meeting back to only a business meeting and a 3 hour educational offering to be held over the course of 1 day. This action was agreed upon at the Board meeting held November 13th in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

During 2018 the Board will be aggressively looking for ways to bolster our finances to assure the return of our annual meeting which we have all enjoyed for so long. Although the Board will be actively pursuing every avenue that we can think of to reinvigorate the meetings and attendance we need help and suggestions from each of the Divisions.

Please take a moment and respond to the following questions and if you have any ideas or suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. Keep in mind that YOU are this organization and for its continued success we need your help and input!!

·         Would a centralized location make the meeting more attractive and attainable?

·         Would re-formatting the meeting to a two day event make it easier for you to attend?

·         Are there specific educational topics that you would find invaluable making it worth your while to attend?

·         Would raising the registration fee be a reason you would not or could not attend?

In closing, I can’t stress enough the importance of your input to help the organization succeed. Without it what we have grown accustomed to in the past may actually become the past.


Calvin E. Beverly Jr.

President, Ohio Chapter IAEI